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Worshiping Mezcal

Preserving the ancestral production process that dates from the splendor of the Zapotec culture. In the manifestations of worship of the gods in the ceremonial centers, the priests took the so-called "Elixir of the Gods" to reach the necessary spiritual trance and thus achieve communication with their deities; They called elixir "aguamiel" extracted from the agave.


Over the centuries the mead was distilled in mud pot to obtain mezcal, later during the conquest of Mexico, the Spanish introduced the copper almabique that allowed a more dynamic and advanced distillation, putting the mezcal within reach of the nobles and high society.


Even in our days the Mezcal Sol De Oaxaca, before going into barrels, is a reason to thank the gods for allowing the grace of their production as respect to the worship of our ancestors.




Artisan Mezcal certified denomination of origin.

Silver medal winner at San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018



Premium Mezcal for demanding tastes. Soft, smooth and refined.

Silver medal winner atSan Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018


Sol de Oaxaca Mezcal is the purest in history.

Silver Medal Winner at San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018


Mezcal Sol de Oaxaca

The first Mezcal that held the Premium Quality in Mexico

Our mezcal is represented by the colors of the worldwide famous Oaxacan Alebrijes printed in the label, inside the emulated flames from the smiling sun, our brand distinctive, that reflects the worhshiping and happiness for our labor.


We selected the espadín variety to make our so called "elixir of the gods" from the beginning because of its nobility and quality that while not being wild species, we can control, care, and sustain the growing in an organic way, passing to the ancestral process of cooking the agave pineapple in the underground, then the very careful organic fermentation, the double distillation using spring water from the Oaxaca mountain range, contributing to enrich the organoleptic conditions that gives to Sol de Oaxaca Mezcal its unique flavor.

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